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Fall 2017

* NEW *
An Interview with Paul Holdengräber

Will Corwin
The New York Public Library's "Curator of Public Curiosity" on Werner Herzog, inherited trauma, and the art of the question

Lawrence Abu Hamdan:
Terrain of Auscultation

Rayya Badran

"Echo profiles," "ear witnesses," and audio forensics inform the practice of an artist and "private ear" working at the intersection of sound and politics.

* NEW *
Songs for Disaster Relief
An Interview with Samson Young

Vivian Chui

Do they know it's Christmas? Yes, they do. Charity jingles chart the rise of neoliberalism at the Hong Kong pavilion in Venice.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Blythe Sheldon

Flash animation to make a frenzied bid for utopia, sex, freedom, and jazz

Psychopompopolis x Waves of Disaster Remix
Erin Jane Nelson x Jason Benson

The Chorus at Dawn:
An Aesthetics of the Tweet

Meredith Kooi
If a bird sings in the morning and there's no one around to record it, did it really make a sound? If the bird is silent, do we still exist?

Four Poems
Jeremy Sigler
The sound of the heart, the sound of "it is what it is," the sound of the typewriter, and the sound of all the phonemes read aloud at once

Signature Sounds, Cultural Architecture
Floyd Hall
Audio tags, album notes, and creative agency, from Afrika Bambaataa to Zaytoven

MP3 Odyssey 2001
Jasmine Amussen
The year Napster shut down, iTunes was born, and OutKast gave us "So Fresh and So Clean"

Glossary: TRAP
It's the sound of the elevator doors closing.


Kochi Muziris Biennale: Forming in the pupil of an eye
Pujan Gandhi

Gordon Bennett: Be Polite
Amy Luo

The International of Visionaries
Raphael Koenig

True Faith
Francesca Gavin

Chris Robinson: Southern Lights
August Krickel

Marching to the Beat
Glen Helfand

Monica Westin

An Te Liu: Transmission
Travis Diehl

Stephanie Comilang: Yesterday, In The Years 1886 and 2017
Heather Rigg

So I traveled a great deal...
Yuri Stone

Sidsel Meineche Hansen: OVER
Lizzie Homersham

Logan Lockner

Blue in the Face
Matt Christy

Stefan Tcherepnin: Forgetting
Paul Anthony Smith: Walls Without Borders

Erin Jane Nelson

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