Turning The Page: 2021 Contributing Editors

We are pleased to announce dramatic changes to our contributing editors list. Lauren Tate Baeza, Re’al Christian, Orit Gat, Michael Jones McKean, Humberto Moro, Joey Orr, and TK Smith join ART PAPERS as contributing editors. The seven new members join longtime contributing editors Stephanie Bailey, Paul Ryan, and Dinah Ryan. To celebrate this occasion and to highlight their outstanding work, we have compiled the following dossier of texts by each of the new and existing contributing editors.

This reboot of our contributing editors list includes writers, curators, educators, artists, and thinkers who are actively and consistently impacting the industry, shaping the discourses of contemporary art, and informing the work of Art Papers. We are delighted to welcome this brilliant and dynamic group and to collaborate with them as writers, thought partners, and ambassadors.

We are energized for the future with this new cohort of visionaries at the table. We will continue our longstanding commitment to centering artists and their ideas—valuing the outsider, the marginalized, or the irreverent perspective alongside some of the most established artists working today. We’ll continue to mine the depths of the ART PAPERS archives to publish essays and interviews with present-day relevance. We’ll expand our thematic explorations—and depart from them—with online exclusives here on ARTPAPERS.org.

Extended biographies and headshots of the new ART PAPERS contributing editors can be found here.

— Sarah Higgins, Art Papers editor + artistic director