Guest edited by artist, educator, and ART PAPERS contributing editor Michael Jones McKean, Reworlding—our first fully online issue—is a thematic exploration of the planetary.


Michael Jones McKean, Editor’s Letter
Sophie Strand, Ecotone (n.)
On Biodiversity: a conversation between Timur Si-Qin and Haley Mellin
Del Harrow, A Ceramic Materials Atlas
Michael Jones McKean, Earth Studies

— [COMING SOON] Gean Moreno + Stephanie Wakefield, Imagination Dead Imagine
— [COMING SOON] Stephanie Bailey, The Whale in the Room: How to Make an Old World New
— [COMING SOON] Pedagogy as World-Building Roundtable: Nato Thompson + Michael Jones McKean + Arnold Kemp + Gordon Hall + Aki Sasamoto + Angela Dufresne + Rodrigo Valenzuela