Aaron Gemmill has spent years photographing the proliferation of luxury condominiums, mostly in Brooklyn, NY. “Condomillennium” is a selection of these photos (Gemmill originally posted the photos to Instagram under the hashtag #condoreport) alongside prints of the Plexiglas windowpanes used to give passersby a glimpse into construction sites. This project presents a meditation not only upon the rise of luxury housing but also upon who is inside and who is outside looking in.

twenty-five even squares of images that feature shots of diamond shapes cut into tarp on the fences of construction sites
blood orange diamond shape with small white streaks near the edges on a white background

The New York City Department of Buildings lists active permits for 83,706 proposed units of residential housing at 1,786 construction sites throughout the five boroughs. This new construction follows more than 75,000 housing units already completed since 2013.

blood orange shape with ten edges and a small hole in the bottom left corner on a white background
twenty-five even squares of images that feature shots of architecture and grafitti

There are 247,977 vacant or unoccupied housing units in New York, an increase of 65,406 units since 2014; 74,945 of these apartments are infrequently or seasonally occupied secondary residences and pieds-á-terre. Landlords withhold 27,009 apartments from the rental market for unspecified reasons.

twenty-five even squares of images that feature candid shots of construction workers and and outdoor construction
blood orange diamond shape on a white background

An average of 63,559 people sleep in New York shelters every night. During New York City’s fiscal year 2017 129,803 different people slept in the municipal shelter system, including more than 45,000 homeless children.


This project originally appeared in ART PAPERS “Borders, Barriers,” Fall 2018/2019


Aaron Gemmill is an artist and publisher based in Philadelphia, PA; holds an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of Arts, Bard College. Gemmill has exhibited at P!, Bulletin, and Practice in New York; Blanton Museum of Art in Austin TX; Galerie Christine Mayer in Munich; and elsewhere. Gemmill is proprietor of Éditions Michel Obultra, guest editor of “The Daily Gentrifier FLYOVER FLYER,” and caretaker of a community garden plot in the Awbury Arboretum.