do / you

do / you, a project by writer and video artist Jason Lipeles, explores questions of past and present, and of love in isolation and through connection, and relies heavily upon the asterisk’s potential. This video work presents the original text, which was printed in ART PAPERS Summer 2021 // Speculative Masculinities.

Jason Lipeles is a writer, curator, and video artist. He is an alumnus of the Image Text Ithaca MFA; Asylum Arts’ Reciprocity Artist Retreat; and the AJU Institute for Jewish Creativity. His work has been featured in Black Warrior Review, Yalobusha Review, and The Racial Imaginary Institute. His first book, Letters to M., a finalist for the Chautauqua Janus Prize, was published by Pilot Press in January 2021. He is pursuing his PhD in creative writing at the University of Denver.