The Feminist Issue

During her recent tenure, Editor Xenia Zed had dreamed of an all female issue, written exclusively by women, that would subtly appear without much fanfare. Though the issue was never realized, new Editor Glenn Harper decided to produce an issue on feminism but without limiting the content to female writers. The result was spirited and politically-oriented, a trend which would continue throughout Harper’s editorship, containing an interview with Barbara Kruger and an infamous Public Service Announcement by the Guerrilla Girls. Essays in volume 11 were loosely linked around themes—including the second Artists’ Pages issue (see photo), subtitled, “What Next?,” an issue with a focus on Art and Nature, which contained the magazines first contribution from past Chicago Contributing Editor Maureen Sherlock, and an issue which purported to survey the non-profit beast—-while containing the short-lived QV section of non-related feature material, the most notable being an interview with theorist Fredric Jameson. This year also saw the final collaborative issue with the Architectural Society of Atlanta, and the arrival of Mildred Thompson as a writer and interviewer.