The Baudrillard Interview

Volume 13 kicked off with John Johnston’s interview with Jean Baudrillard in an issue which also contained Fluxus artist Dick Higgins’ essay, “Five Myths of Postmodernism.” Other issues that year focused on film and video, sculpture, a special look at regionalism in addition to the annual artist’s pages issue. Controversial photographer Sally Mann was among those interviewed, as well as artists ranging from Native American sculptor Bob Haozous to conceptual artist Richard C., and artist Pat Courtney designed the cover of the March/April issue (see photo). Interviews with sculptors and installation artists such as Donald Lipski, Shirazeh Houshiary, and Athena Tacha, as well as a conversation with folk artist James “Son” Thomas and essays on the mobile home in America and Harris Dimitropoulos’ monument in Paris for the bicentenary of the French revolution rounded out the year.