Founding Stories: 2000s

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“Founding Stories: Oral Histories of Grassroots Atlanta” was a decade-by-decade series of talks exploring the founding stories of a selection of Atlanta’s DIY and artist-run spaces.

Founders of some of Atlanta’s most beloved and remembered spaces spoke about how these organizations came into existence. Answering questions such as: What were the conditions that led to the founding of the space/project/organization? What was happening in Atlanta at that time? What goals did you set out to accomplish, and did you feel those goals were met? What can the current field of artist-run initiatives learn from this history?

Panel 2: 2000s
Streamed live via Zoom on Oct 17, 2020
Moderated by Felicia Feaster
Ann-Marie Manker (ArtSpot)
James McConnell (Beep Beep Gallery)
Joey Orr (Shed Space)
Karen Fain (Apache Café)
Brian Holcombe (Saltworks)