It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s dark. Let’s get cozy!

Come by the ART PAPERS office on Friday, January 18th from 6:30 – 8PM for our first Vodka Void of the year: Cozy Edition. We’ll have the heaters cranked up high, and a special selection of beverages and snacks curated to compliment this chilly weather. Comfy pants are encouraged.

About the Void

Last year, we found seven cases of vodka in our closet. We decided to share it.

Vodka Void usually happens every month from 6:30 – 8PM at the Art Papers office. We have free drinks (vodka, obviously, but we usually also have beer, wine, juice, etc). Our office is located at 1083 Austin Avenue NE, Room 206 — the top floor of the Little Five Points Community Center.

People who should come to Vodka Void:
ART PAPERS readers, ART PAPERS writers, ART PAPERS artists, any artists, any writers, anyone who has read ART PAPERS, anyone who hasn’t read ART PAPERS (but wants to!), anyone who has attended our Auction, anyone who has participated in our Auction, anyone who has volunteered in our Auction, anyone who has attended any Art Papers event ever, anyone who hasn’t attended an Art Papers event (but wants to!), past interns, current interns, potential future interns, friends of all the people mentioned above, and random People From The Internet.