Geopolitics on the Edge

Michael John Whelan, Carapace 1, 2016, silver gelatin print [all images courtesy of the artist]

In response to this geo-complexity, this dossier of artistic work has been compiled as an abstract articulation of the conditions of ownership inscribed into this historical site. It is a phenomenological study of a contested place and the politics that surround it, expressed through the works and words of artists who have all visited the archipelago and produced work on it: Cédric Maridet, Ieva Epnere, Michael John Whelan, and Bahar Yürükoglu. Also included are three contributions that were made during "Thinking at the Edge of the World": a poem by Sami artist and activist Synnøve Persen, published here for the first time; a series of images taken from the family archive of musician Aggie Peterson, annotated in collaboration with artist Petra Hermanová and the photographs that illustrate this introduction, which represent Santiago Sierra's Black Flag project, for which the artist planted the anarchist symbol on both the North and South Poles.