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November/December 2013: Art Magazines
Letter from the Guest Editor

Dear Reader,

I have to admit that at first, I didn't know what to do with the invitation to guestedit an issue of ART PAPERS. It was enticing as a notion, but the thought of actually doing it put me in a bind. You see, I already have a magazine.

In fact, Roger White and I started Paper Monument ourselves, which means we have always done exactly as we please. So while the ART PAPERS gig appealed in the abstract, each editorial idea I had was closely trailed by a fatal question: Why not do it at Paper Monument? It was a peculiar and vexing dilemma.

At a certain point, however, I untied the knot: the entire issue would have to be about art magazines themselves.

You are at the very least a reader of art magazines, so I am assuming this is a shared concern. You may not have intended to read an entire issue devoted to the subject, but then again—when did you last read an entire issue? I hope you can skip around in here as you would in any magazine, and I hope you enjoy it. Since I come to art magazines not only as an editor but also as a writer and reader, artist and critic, academic and nonacademic, subscriber and unsubscriber, producer and consumer, I have adopted an explicitly heterogeneous approach. I also feel like art magazines have themselves reached a point of maximum variety. It seemed important to capture some of that—for posterity, yes, but also so we ourselves can better appreciate it.

I have tried, in 64 pages, to get it all in. Past, present, future; stats, footnotes, scribbles, gossip; zines, journals, glossies, blogs; Iran, China, Poland, Colombia; print, reprint, web, digital; ads, fonts, layouts, deadlines, distribution; poets, art historians, proofreaders, hacks; Detroit, Dhaka, Cape Town, Istanbul; and of course, there is a bunch of Artforum.

The issue even boasts a freaky, gender rebending hybrid of David Letterman and Lynda Benglis (with her famous dildo).

Art magazines—what can I say?

Editorially yours,
Dushko Petrovich

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